Interesting week to say the least, I could’nt log into the Sunday meeting, finally after restarting the system twice I was able to log in so I got the last twenty minutes, Monday was a typical Monday so I did’nt get to review the meeting untill Tuesday after 9 pm, so been playing catch up this week, then my twitter account would come up blank, not being computer savvy I stumbled around trying to figure something out, Davene suggested I clean up the cookies, so I ran a clean up program, well I found out after you run that program you have to turn on the cookie program in order to make the Word Press program work, so thanks to Davene I now know how to clean up the unwanted cookies, and turn on the program for the wanted cookies, I need a coffee to go with all those cookies,  side note not only am I learning about myself, I am getting lessons in computer use all at the same time HURRAY.

Finally I was able to post a blog that I wrote earlier, and I think I will be able to post this one when I am done with it, fingers crossed, I have been  unable to create a clear picture in my mind untill this afternoon, because this morning I got a flash from my subconcious about a Thanksgiving from my early teens, amazing how all that works this afternoon it all came together, the smells and memories from that day were wonderfull  and now I am ready for the next step, Mark made mention in his video that he goes to fast and he does, but some how once it’s installed it always catches up gives me goose bumps, ( some people call it chicken skin yuck) everytime it happens and it happens often, I am still a bit behind, did get my promise service done today though on that I am ahead see it begans to balance out, how does that happen, and I know that I will soon have it all caught up, don’t worry Mark you won’t loose us. After all the challenges that started Sunday at meeting time, untill I finally got rid of the cookies tonight, the end result is this program works  in many ways and some I did’nt even sign up for!


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