Week 8 Another lesson learned

So I am at the gym doing my work out,  I have a fan blowing on me, and in walks this woman, you know guys come to the gym in clothes that are comfortable, that means wore out, ragged, holy, women come to the gym in full make up and matching suits that look to good to work out in, what’s up with that, oh well, any way this lady, before she does anything  walks over to me and asks if I am using the fan, I inform her that I am and that there is another fan in the corner she can use, well, I get this dirty look and  she tells me I should not use  the fan makes her uncomfortable, and walks away, I am a bit miffed and have no intention to turn off the fan!!

 Next work out day here she comes again, okay I think OG says greet her with love, so I did and it totaly disarmed her, we end up in a very cordial conversation about why she feels people should not use the fans while working out, I accept her theory, and she says if you need the fan it propably will be alright for me, and she is going to be on the other side of the gym any way so it won’t bother her, and if I ever think about adding yoga to my work out schedule she could reccomend a good place, that is where she goes and just loves it, as she walks away with a smile on her face.  WOW   what a difference a little love makes.

   I must say that I felt much better about myself, and my new found friend seemed to be in a much better frame of mind, than last week, and the amazing thing is it was easier than being upset, made my day, thanks OG

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